We’ll get right to the point. You need some hot tips for writing a resume, otherwise you would not be reading this article.

In order to practice what I preach, I’m going to present these tips in the format that I advise you to use when working on your own resume. If you thought to yourself, “Bullet Points!” you are right on target! Bullet points are key.

So, for your reading pleasure, I offer you the first of our 3 Hot Tips for Writing a Resume:

Use bullet points. Never, ever use paragraphs in your resume. Doing so will cause your readers to fall asleep. For example, right now, this resume writing tip is written in paragraph style. Now I’ll show you the bullet point style.

 Use bullet points.
Of all the tips for writing a resume out there, for some reason people still ignore it!
Never, ever use paragraphs in your resume.
This is the format readers prefer.
Isn’t this easier to scan than a paragraph?
Do you get the point?

Now, having said that, let’s move on to

 “Hot Tips on Writing a Resume – Tip #2:”
Don’t use long, drawn out sentences. And especially don’t use “I” too much! You know, “I did this…” or “I did that…” Your readers already know it’s you that is the subject of your resume.
Instead, paraphrase. Instead of “I was very accomplished in this, that and the other thing,” say (next to your bullet point, of course!):

Accomplished this that and the other thing.

 Let me give you a concrete, example from a person’s resume that I saw a couple of years ago. In her original resume (she is involved in the banking industry), she stated:
“Every year, I have been responsible for reviewing all account relationships that exceeded $ 100,000 (including a few accounts that were worth about $ 5,000,000!)”
Although this is good, solid, quantifiable information, it runs on, and doesn’t get the reader’s attention. Now, take a look at the same information, but presented as a paraphrased bullet point:
Compiled annual reviews for account relationships in excess of $ 100K with some accounts approaching $ 5MM in total loans. 

Isn’t that far more powerful? Let’s use that same example as we head into:

“Hot Tips on Writing a Resume – Tip #3:”
How can we make that terrific information stand out even more? This is a neat little trick! Ready?
Underline the most important information in the bullet point- the most critical thing you want your reader to see. In this case, this job seeker really wanted a potential employer to notice how large the accounts were that she was working on. So, we took the same bullet point, and did this: 

Compiled annual reviews for account relationships in excess of $ 100K with some accounts approaching $ 5MM in total loans.

Now – just as a little warning: You don’t want to do this on EVERY line – that would start to look cluttered. But judiciously used, this can lend more power to your resume – and get your reader’s attention drawn quickly to those points you want to drive home.

It is my sincere hope that these initial tips for writing a resume are helpful to you! If you enjoy these tidbits, and would like more free tips, please visit me here to see more Tips for Writing a Resume Did I mention that they are free?

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