There are many suggestions that are available related to resume writing. You can select the best one that suits the position you have applied for. You can refer to resume samples and resume templates that are available online. These sample resumes help you to design, draft, and create a professional quality resume.

While writing a resume you should always remember the main purpose of drafting a resume. It should market you as the appropriate candidate applying for the position. A best resume should be well designed in the suitable format and should be unique enough to attract the attention of the employer. It should contain relevant information about your work experience and educational qualification.

The contents in the resume should be such that it should market you skills. You should proof read the content for checking any grammar and spelling mistakes. Avoid checking the grammar and spellings using computers. You have to do it yourself to avoid mistakes in it.

Best sample resume writing tips are enlisted below:

Select the right format of a resume that suits your job history and the targeted job
Properly organize all the content that is to be included in the resume
Present the contents in the resume in a unique way, so that it will grab the attention of the employer
Give more emphasis on the information such as the any award or special recognition that you have received in your resume
Use action words in your resume such as prepared, managed, and developed. While using the action words, care should be taken to include the action words that are specific to your profession
Avoid using long sentences and lengthy paragraphs for writing a resume
Avoid using personal pronouns in the resume
Fonts used in the resume should be easily read. It is advisable to use the plain font of the size 9 to 12 points
Collect information about the job description and identify the keywords that can be utilized
The ideal length of the resume is one to two pages. It should not exceed more than two pages
The objective should be precise and clearly stated. The skills included should be related to the position applied for
Clearly specify/clarify the gaps in the employment periods (if any)
Highlight your key strengths and achievements in the resume

If the resume is carefully planned and written, then it would surely open up many different opportunities for you.

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Resume is the written document which comprises of the details such as your educational qualification and skills. It represents you as the suitable candidate applying for the position. The resume has to be drafted as per the unique requirements of the position applied for and the employer’s specific needs.

It is really a very challenging job to draft a well structured resume that can seek the attention of the prospective employer. The resume contains sections such as personal information, skills, educational qualifications, a brief summary of the previous job experiences (if any), and the tasks performed.

Sections such as references and expected salary are optional. Best ways to writing a resume are enlisted below:

The first step before writing a resume is to go through the job ad carefully. Then, research about the job from various sources such as newspapers and the Internet
For selecting the information that is to be included in your resume, you have to think about it from the view point of your prospective employer. Based on this insight, you can include the information in your resume
Write your objective clearly and it should be a career specific one. The objective written should be clear and concise
The content of the resume should be written in such a way that it should clearly market your skills and fetch you a dream job
There are many resume writing sites that provide you tip for writing a resume and sample resumes. You can also refer to resume samples and resume templates for reference
Proofread the contents of the article and avoid giving wrong or exaggerated information
Update your resume and preferably use the word processor Microsoft word to draft the resume
In the section about your previous work experience, include information such as name of the company, responsibilities undertaken, period of working, and explain briefly your accomplishments
Ideally the length of the resume should not be more than two pages
It should include information about the any awards and recognition that you have received
The section about your educational qualification is the indispensable part of the resume. It should include information about the highest level of education you have received. Include the details of the educational institutes and year of passing of the degree
Format bulleted points of the all the information provided in the different sections of the resume such as educational qualification, work experience, and personal information
There are different formats for writing a resume such as the functional resume and the chronological resume format. The most preferable one is about the chronological format. Functional format is useful for the individuals who wish to change their profession/ fields
Avoid using personal pronouns such as ‘I’ and ‘Me’
Remember to include the copies of the letters of recommendations, certificates

Apart from the above mentioned ways of writing the resume, also take into consideration aspects such as the using high quality paper for the resume, using normal margins, and ensure that the content in the resume is clearly visible and unique.

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