A resume is a tool, which helps you present your professional part, in front of a prospective employer. It is the first medium, through which a potential employer gets to know about you. It is very important that it proves impressive to them. The recruiter may not have more than few seconds to have a look. This makes it essential for your resume to grab the recruiter’s attention in those few seconds. So, resume writing became a task of care and perfectness. The way you present yourself, through your resume is much more important, than what expertise and talents you have mentioned in it. Thus, you should keep n your mind that no recruiter is going to read your full resume. Now, it clearly means that you have got those few seconds to grab the opportunity.

Some tips to write a resume from a resume website are as follows.

Font: Generally, resumes are printed form of your personal and professional details. However, you may need to draft it on a computer with the help of MS Word application or any other texting computer application. You may get various fonts and designs that can be used for the text. To give your resume a professional look, it is advised that you should use the “Times New Roman” font with the font size as “12”. Avoid using any other font or unnecessary design. You may use words in bold if you want to highlight it. Generally, the subtopics need to be kept in bold, so as to categorize it and give it a clear and legible look.

Format: Format of a resume is the way to present the details in categorized form. The format that you use depends on the fact that whether you are a fresher or an experienced person in the job field. The format of a fresher should be basic, without any useless categorization. In the case of an experienced job seeker, you can use categorizations.

Length: The length of a resume can range from one page to five pages in maximum. You can write a resume of five pages but this doesn’t mean that you include irrelevant details in it, just to increase the size and make it seem impressive. It is best to use the length that is enough to mention all your applicable skills and credentials. Being to the point and exact with your details would be better to create an impression on the first look itself.

Contact Details: Mentioning your contact details in the document is important, so that the hiring manager can revert back to you, if they want to contact you regarding an interview or a personal meeting. One essential fact to be well thought-out is that the email address or the phone number provided should be in regular use, so that you do not miss out a call or a message from the recruiter.

Skills: Try to state only those skills and job experiences, which are relevant to the job post you are applying for. Discussing irrelevant skills and achievements would not benefit to you. Instead it may create a bad impression on the recruiter.

A well written resume needs to have the above discussed features. Newbie often need to seek help from a resume specialist to create their resume, as they are just a fresher in the job field. Hope that these tips benefit you. If you still have any unanswered query in your mind, you can refer a resume website. Hope that the above mentioned tips to write a resume prove to be helpful to you.

Jay Tussle is a professional resume writer. He has been working as a resume writer since last 6 years. If you ahve any query regarding resume writing, you can visit a resume website

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