With big competition observed in the job market, employers are finding it hard to shortlist people from the stacks of resumes. Employers are now looking for those resumes that standout from the mound. Hence, your resume writing should be very accurate and errors free to get a job interview. Following is a list of common mistakes people make while writing a resume:

1) Absence of cover letter: Employers expect to see a cover letter with a resume. It is an introduction and a brief summary about your job intentions.

2) Typing errors: A resume with typos and grammatical mistakes will make the recruiter think that you are inattentive to details. Proofread your resume and ask someone to read it.

3) Disorganized content: The content of your resume should be organized well. List the important information on top of the resume. Other factors like your experience, employment history in the middle and hobbies should be placed at the end of the resume.

4) Unprofessional email address: The email addresses should not be sloppy.

5) Layout lacking consistency: Equal spacing between headings, equal distance in margins, and include dates on your resume. Use various action verbs when highlighting your skills. Avoid abbreviations or contractions.

6) Unclear focus: Your resume should focus on your experience and education with the job you are seeking. The employer should be able to think that you are the best person for the job. Avoid phrases like ‘responsibilities included’

7) Lacking extracurricular activities: Employers like to read about your additional activities which will show employers that you are out going and well-rounded.

8) Inappropriate personal information: Do not put in personal information like your gender and age. Also don’t include any picture of yourself. Always maintain a strict difference between your personal and professional life in order to be taken seriously.

9) Inaccurate information: Don’t lie or exaggerate. It would be awkward if you are caught telling lies. Your resume should stick to facts.

10) Job experience too old: It is significant not to go back too far when listing your work experience. If you are older, employers will hardly see what summer job you had in high school.


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Will you be writing a resume soon to allow you to get a job you want? Then you first need to know the mistakes that you have to avoid when you are writing it.

There are so many common mistakes that people make when trying to write their own resume. Once you know what these mistakes are, you can ensure that you do everything you can to avoid making them.

If you can avoid the mistakes, you will end up writing a winning resume. The following are the mistakes to avoid at all cost if you want a resume that employers will be impressed with.

1. Not using samples to learn the correct way to write it – When you write your own resume, you have to first know what the correct format is. That is why it is so essential that time is taken to check out some samples.

Be sure to find more than one sample so you can get a good idea of what the resume set up should be. The more samples you check out, the better for you because it will make you feel confident that you know how to format your own so you end up with a good resume.

2. Not taking time to plan out your resume before you begin writing – Don’t make the mistake of not taking time to plan out your resume. The format of the resume is only one step to take for a good resume.

It is smart to also plan the information that will be put into it. This is vital because not having the right information on it can hurt your chances of getting the job that you want.

3. Leaving out important information – One other advantages to planning is to make sure that nothing important is left out. Too many people make this mistake and if the right information is not there, then the employer may think twice about hiring you.

4. Writing it too quickly – Writing resumes too quickly is a very common mistake that many people make. You can’t do this because all it does is ensure that something is left out or the format is not correct.

If you really want to have a winning resume, then you need to take your time writing it. Be sure you are satisfied with it, take time to check everything over a second time.

These are the mistakes that you want to avoid when writing a resume if you really want to ensure you end up with the best resume possible. Now, all that is left is to get started on your resume, but remember to take your time, plan and find some good samples so you know you can write a winning resume for you.

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