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This popular guide for job seekers has been updated and expanded with two brand-new chapters. One guides readers through a 12-step resume writing process. The other shows how to make sure the resume is scannable. Separate chapters cover all aspects of resume creation, including the difference between functional and reverse chronological resumes. Scores of newly updated sample resumes reflect many different job categories, and demonstrate effective use of type fonts, lines, graphics, and layout. An updated chapter tells job hunters how to write an effective, result-producing cover letter for today’s employment market.

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Like the unicorn of mythology, the perfect resume represents an ideal. Much like that horned stallion (or would that be a mare?), it stands as a proud testimony to itself, marrying quiet confidence with strength, and manifesting promises of great things yet to come. And, like the wondrous, legendary beast, the perfect resume exists but within our imagination.

As a job applicant’s primary tool for securing interviews, a resume can be perfect in that it accurately reflects the job seekers’ background, including employment and academic history. It can be perfect in terms of appropriateness and drama of keywords and/or key phrases used, as well as accomplishments highlighted so as to be easily digestible by prospective employers. It can be perfect in terms of syntax, punctuation, spelling, and layout. However, there are times when perfect is just not perfect enough for some job hunters.

Desperate for immediate job placement and reading their resumes ad infinitum, some applicants make the erroneous assumption that the modification of a single word, the repositioning of a comma, or the deletion of a small phrase can be the “make or break” factor in landing their next job. Once these infinitesimal changes have been effected, the employee-hopeful then uses the resume, gets the interview, and waits to hear the hiring manager’s decision. Learning that the position was not to be his, the job seeker then returns to his resume, demanding further changes that, given the big picture, are microscopic. He has convinced himself that changing, for example, the word “dynamic” to “proactive” will be the employer’s deciding factor in offering him the job resulting from his next interview. And he will repeat this process of teensy weensy changes, again and again, until he has deluded himself that his perfectly good resume, in fact his most excellent resume, is worthless! The job seeker is doing the equivalent of hunting down the mythological unicorn: wasting his time, energy, and at least part of his sanity in hot pursuit of that which does not exist.

There comes a time in every job seeker’s life – and pray it comes sooner than later! – when he must step back and see his resume for what it is, and what it is intended to do. If the resume meets all of the criteria defined in the second paragraph of this article, it is indeed an effective resume. Instead of scrutinizing the resume with a fine toothed comb, the applicant would serve himself far better with the institution and follow-up of a focused job search, beginning with targeted research and ending with a list of potential employers whose openings fit his specific skill sets and achievements. For those hopefuls seeking to transition into new industries, they should ensure that their general competencies are marketable within the new environment, and should bridge any gaps with well-crafted cover letters.

Thus armed, they will find that perfection is at hand! Knowing this, they can be more confident and focused in their search: attributes that will weigh a lot more heavily in terms of job offers than the myopic nit-picking of one’s resume.

Tom Petruzzelli has more than 25 years of experience in the career services industry. As a recruiter and resume writer, his efforts have been instrumental in advancing the careers of thousands of job candidates. His thoughts and philosophies about job hunting may be found at his business Website and about other aspects of life at

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In recent times, resume writing services have emerged as an important asset to create the perfect resume, and get you the job you want. It is a known fact that in order to be a candidate for the post you are eyeing at, your resume should be written flawlessly and professionally. Any prospective recruiter is likely to review hundreds of resumes. Everyone competing for the same post you might be looking at. Your resume should catch the eye of likely recruiter within that few moments in time to make him/her crave to meet you by giving you an interview call.

A well-written resume with your clear-cut career goal and achievements is very critical if your resume is even going to grab your prospective recruiter’s attention long enough for him/her to examine completely and consider giving you a call. A resume writing service may just be what you require, and there are many available to prefer from now. Log on to internet and search for “resume writing services,” prefer one that you consider is most professional. They would like to see if you have a previous resume and if you do not, they will ask you to fill up answers to a few questions to know about your education level, area of expertise and achievements.

If you do have, a previously written resume will need to fax or send a scan copy of your resume to the resume writing service, next they will look into what they need to work with and tell you what further information you will have to make them available. The moment you have completed this, they will start writing a resume exclusively for you. Most professional resume writing services are very expert at highlighting your best qualities in the best way possible. In any case, they are keen on you doing well pretty much in so far as you would like to do well! Therefore, although it does cost you a fee, it is certainly worth it in due course. Certainly, the amount of fee will differ from one resume writing service to another and as well on how much effort the writer needs to put in your resume.

Many resume writing services offer complete package including training on how to attend interview and job hunting, storing resumes for future amendments for other jobs and comprehensive review of your resume. Nevertheless, do remember that resume writing services are not the only option to create an excellent resume. If you find it difficult to pay for the service, you can opt for various resume templates that are often available free online.

You can as well take help of experts available at your nearest unemployment bureau or at your college. However, if you can afford the services of a certified resume writer, you definitely would not be left dissatisfied. In fact, helping hands from several resume writing services has helped several job hunters achieve their career goal and their dream job. With the right help, the same can be true for you.

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