How to write a killer resume by understanding your skill set.
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Working as a professional lawyer, you will have to handle number of responsibilities. For this, you must possess a lot of experience, excellent soft skills and other job related skills. You must be familiar with the legal documentation, development and delivery of the factual information. When writing the attorney resume, you need to incorporate the major job specific skills in your application to make a positive impact on the prospective employer. You can also refer attorney resume sample to know the important skills for the legal resumes.

Skills for Attorney Resumes

As an attorney, you will have to interact with a number of people. You must hold excellent business communication skill and must have an ability to develop a rapport with the clients. Your past experience in this field will be very important in getting you the job opportunity. It is important to be specific and provide factual information. State the major achievements throughout your career. Following are some important skills required for working as a professional attorney:

Interpersonal communication

Effective decision making

Work under pressure

Meeting strict deadlines

Organizational skills

These are the basic skills required for the legal jobs. As you will have to interact with the clients and handle the court proceedings, you must possess excellent interaction skills. In some situations, you will have to take some important decisions on behalf of your client. Hence, you must also be an efficient decision maker. Include everything that you think can help you stand apart from other candidates. Here are some tips to follow while writing the legal resumes:

Select the appropriate format and layout for listing your details. This will even help in improving the appearance of your application.

If you are using a chronological format, you can list your work history immediately after your career objective. If you are using a functional format, you can list your key skills after the career summary section.

Include the most relevant details in your legal resume. Provide the details of your litigation certifications

Your past work experience will help you in getting more employers. You must have in depth knowledge about the company policies and regulations. Include this knowledge in your application

Personalize the content of your attorney resume. Make sure that the information provided by you is not vague or unclear. Hiring managers will contact your past employers to confirm your efficiency. If you provide false information, they will easily detect it and you may be terminated from the recruitment process

For working as a business attorney, you need to know all the associated rules and regulations and the different company policies. You must be aware of handling the business documentation like agreements, contracts, etc. All this information in your application will make it winning and impression document.

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