As technology advances and offers us ever more options, it was something of a natural progression that the resume as we know it, evolved into the digital or video resume. Rather than the usual printed or written resume templates we are used to seeing, this is a Video resume, where the job applicant speaks to a camera and presents his sample resumes in video format.

This is a two minute elevator speech kind of resume, where the applicant quickly, concisely and briefly states his or her abilities, and the possible contribution that they could make to the organization they are seeking employment with.

A video resume follows many of the same principles as regular sample resumes – it has to make a good first impression in the shortest time possible and it has to stand out with regard to style as well as content. The first ten seconds of the video resume corresponds to the look and layout of your resume sample – if you fail to grab the viewer or reader’s attention at that first instant, the rest of the resume doesn’t get watched, or read as in the written resume scenario.

If the beginning grabs the viewer they will likely watch all of the 90 to 120 seconds of the video resume – and this is all the time you have to extol all your virtues, abilities, qualifications, special abilities, technical and other skills and experiences.

The plus point of this kind of resume template is that you can intersperse your video with other images – charts, graphs, even personal recommendations and certificates. You can even add visual samples of previously done work – this can be particularly useful for when applying for a job with visual media, film, design, graphics or video production. It can make the resume sample far more interesting and greatly increase its impact on the prospective employee.

Video resumes can take several different forms – you can make a CD or a DVD out of it by filming it yourself and then sending it to prospective employers the same way as you would a traditional resume. On the other hand you could create a video resume website for the payment of a modest hosting fee. There are also web based employment services who will host the video resume for you and ensure that it is passed on to appropriate prospective employees. Some website let you insert a YouTube video onto the online resume – or a career related video or a demo reel or similar. Many of these also offer tips, advice and DIY instructions on creating your own video resume templates. You could also, in the alternative post your video resume on YouTube where it can be viewed by anyone.

If the idea of a video resume sounds rather radical to you and you are wary of going with it, you could create one in addition to the traditional resume. Another alternative would be to send in a video resume along with the paper one, so that a prospective employer can look at both or either.

Want to know how to write a resume? Check this site for some free resume templates. You can follow the resume formats and guidelines while drafting your own.

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