Create a professional resume

Create a professional resume. Learn how to write a professional resume in Word 2010. In this video I’ll show you step-by-step how you can write a professiona…
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24 Responses to Create a professional resume

  • Pukhtun Zalmai says:

    Thank you so much for your great video. I was about to pay resume makers to
    make me a resume but not any more. 

  • Paul Kingston says:

    Hi Ulrika, thank you for the video it was really helpful information . The
    presentation was very nice and hope to see more of informative videos .
    Thank you and appreciated . Much respect . 

  • jak tripz says:

    As you mentioned in your helpful video, that there is usually too much
    information available to get to the source of one’s inquiry, and the only
    question I had was how to change the ruler format from inches to
    centimeters…maybe you could add that? I’m just a bonehead, I guess.
    LOL..other than that the presentation of the video is very appealing,
    helpful and quick. Thanks again.

  • Davian Nolan says:

    this was very helpful, thnx


    you are very hot you look like a milf

  • Rayan El Helou says:

    Hello Ms. Ulrika, would you know how to type two addresses, one on the top
    left, and one on the top right of the page, using MS Word, without having
    to press the space/Tab buttons to reach to the other side. Thank you

  • LEDphase3 says:

    I’d resume the shit out of her, then finish with a cover letter

  • KAMRAN khadiwala says:

    thnx a lot…
    very useful video…

  • artistsixteen says:

    You made the best tutorial that I have seen…

  • praveen kumar v Kumar says:

    thanks really healpfull

  • huascar moreira says:

    Great video, thanx a million

  • Indri Himawan says:

    Thank you, this really helped!

  • bj thapa says:

    i don’t have any experience then how can i make resume just for a simple

  • Joel Andrade says:

    Thank you ulrika

  • Willard Alabran says:

    Very insightful and helpful, I like the way you make the resume in a table
    then remove the grid. Thanks!!!

  • Shiv Pawan says:

    How to create your CV

  • philsense says:

    You made a resume so quickly. You are a witch.

  • Kkishor B says:


  • dmcd7619 says:

    Impressive Word skills! Great voice and lightning fast too.

  • stolliverable says:

    Wow. So simple. Thank you!


    You know I feel like a real professional now. The difference is just too
    clear that I can’t be less grateful and thankful. This video deserves an
    award. Thank you again! 

  • Mila30ify says:

    Hello Ulrika. You certainly made CV look fun and exciting, quick and
    informative. You have a lovely voice that is easy listening makes CV sound
    so breezy. Thank you very much Ulrika I am going to get started!

  • R.L. Bink says:

    Thank you Ulrika this help me so much God Bless you 

  • Shara Louder says:

    I would like to share this with women all over the world. May I share this
    on a different website?


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