Career Development Center Workshops Intern Daniel Hallak gives examples and advice for writing a successful résumé. January 21, 2009.
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How to Write a Great Resume and Cover Letter

Today, the average employer only spends 7 seconds skimming your cover letter and resume. How can you quickly and effectively market yourself? In this video, …

19 Responses to Résumé Pro: How to Write an Effective Résumé

  • Alex Fielding says:

    Cheers Dan, great stuff buddy, I wished I had been in your writers resume
    pro: I would have asked you lot’s of questions buddy, nothing worse then
    having no one asks you questions I hate that! so keep up the territc job
    Dan, I’ve already learn so much from you. 

  • Nicole Ford says:

    Hire an experienced resume writer who knows what employers are looking for.

  • Keny Castro says:

    You are great man!!! God keep on blessing you brother!

  • Kevin Fuentes says:

    Great video! Thank you for the help! This really helped me improve my
    resume! :)

  • Marva Campbell says:

    this is so cool

  • Yvonne Mayfield says:

    Finally someone who is clear and concise! This helps so much! Presentation
    skills were on point! Thanks!

  • Patricia Malpass says:

    I have viewed a great many videos on this topic and I am very impressed
    with your articulate lesson. Your presentation was clear and concise with
    lots of explanations and anecdotes which made everything easy to absorb.
    It is evident that you are knowledgeable, but to be able to present all
    this in such an easy to understand format AND to make it interesting …
    That is commendable! Accolades to you for being so prepared!

  • James Doakes says:

    Thank you for providing this information. It’s difficult to find great
    advice like this.

  • Marcelo Delima says:

    Exactly, now days it’s not a resume that gets you a job , is who you know!

  • sheilin30 says:

    Really good video. I really appreciate that you post this type of
    educational videos. Very helpful.

  • Ziffel22 says:

    Thank you, Linda. I followed your advice, last week, and I now have an
    interview next week with a company I would like to join.

  • marc cotedaz says:

    Hi there,
    where could I find the templates shown in this video?
    I use libre office writer.


  • David Potts says:

    I think you nailed it -in a nutshell. Job hunting is nothing less than
    marketing. To be successful, one must be equipped with those skills.

  • Hudoke says:

    Thank you! someone who is educated in this!!! feeling great now

  • PeaceboneGotFound says:

    Is it a good idea to use my university email for the contact info or just a
    simple my-name gmail?

  • OneWire says:

    Since you have roughly seven seconds to make a positive impression on
    employers with your resume, it’s important you perfect it. This video
    offers great tips, thanks for sharing! Your resume is a professional
    representation of you — aside from perfecting your formatting, take the
    time to double-check for spelling and grammatical errors, too. Also, always
    show your resume to those who you know will give their honest, unbiased
    opinion. It is better to have your resume critiqued by a peer than a
    potential employer. -Ali 

  • Presentation and communication skills says:


  • Mark Rainwater says:

    It’s an employers market. I’ve this format of a resume, but I’m 53 and I’ve
    been jobless for 1 1/2 months. I was terminated after 7 years with a
    fortune 500 company (HD) with top pay and several awards. D.O.L. gave me my
    unemployment that week because of the reason they put on the separation
    notice. I want a Job now, but my funds are very low. I was replaced by 2
    1/2 part timers with no experience. How should I take all of my wisdom and
    knowledge and put it into a resume according to the job

  • kiran kumar says:

    I admire your Succinct explanation. Thanks alot.


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